Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Keep a tight grip and follow me this way

Come, come closer to the screen so that I can grab you in a friendly chokehold. It's been so much fun doing this kind of blog that I've agreed to do pretty much the same thing at Ayyyy!, The Manolo's latest blog. It's categorised as a celebrity blog but never you fear, there will also be opportunities for runway roadkill, little dogs and other strange things that I may want to foist upon you.

But because I have a day job which I can't quit because I'm so tremendously good at..racking at debts, for now this blog will be on hiatus. I will continue to monitor all developments and keep you informed if the situation changes. In the meantime, see you round the corner at Ayyyy!

Monday, September 03, 2007

You're all going to stay here until I find out who did it

She promised not to get angry but still nobody would make eye contact with her, let alone own up to tampering with her outfit.